Free the humans!

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“In every generation, democracy must be born anew.
Education is its midwife.”                    -John Dewey

I want to see more human flourishing. More joy. More freedom. More creative expression. Less fear of change, less holding back out of pressure to fit in. A diverse economy, where we can all contribute from our individual talents toward enterprise, ultimately, for social benefit.

We may have “a long way to go” to arrive at this kind of open and inclusive society, where all have a valued place to fit in.  But if we ever get there, it will be because there were some fundamental shifts in the way we do education.

I want to affect that shift.

That’s why, after 19 years as a student and 17 years as a pioneer in public education, I am excited to offer my consultation and coaching services to all who share my vision for a freer future and who believe a talent-development approach in our education system could bring us there.

Whether I advise and collaborate with you to adjust your school’s curriculum and instruction, or I directly develop the talent of your Executive Director to empower your new school leader, my coaching and support products increase staff confidence while unlocking the human potential within your education system!

I work with leaders in education to optimize student learning by implementing gifted education for all students. Schools that implement universal gifted education methods develop latent talent across economic, language, and cultural lines. Student achievement rises; these methods especially improve learners’ ability to think deeply and make connections. These schools become an environment where teachers’ professional judgment grows, and teachers collaborate and share from their creative passion.  Most importantly, these schools become what we’ve always intended them to be:  social institutions that increase economic opportunity and provide ladders of socio-economic mobility, so that young people have ways to transcend the conditions into which they were born.

I provide coaching and thought partnership to help executives and school administrators navigate the personal demands of leadership. Working with me, leaders learn to rethink their problems of practice as useful sources of data, from which creative solutions can emerge. Whatever the challenge is, we have the tools, resources, and strength within us to rise to these as leaders. Schools experience high staff confidence and prevent leader burn-out when their leaders have empathic coaching support and when executives have opportunities to collaborate.

My services support the talent-development of leaders, teachers, and students in schools, nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies.

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