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Just as talented athletes require coaching to make it to the Olympics, professionals can hit new strides and achieve greater accomplishments when they have the benefit of smart coaching.  I love to support innovative thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and school leaders as an Executive Coach, and I support individuals as a Life Coach.

I provide executive coaching to leaders to build them up from their talents and, along the way, help them find their most resonant voice.  In our first coaching sessions, we’ll discuss your personal and business goals, as well as your personality type, professional strengths, and your quirks and insecurities, in order to develop a personalized coaching plan to improve your performance and job satisfaction.    

I support individuals who want to make adjustments to their mindset and habits with life coaching services.  I help clients clarify and prioritize their goals and develop action steps to make progress toward these. Life coaching clients benefit from having a sounding board for their ideas and a partner for strategy, accountability, and encouragement.  Action and solution-oriented sessions empower clients to develop their talents, celebrate incremental progress, and increase their impact.

I also consult and collaborate with leaders to design improvements in policies, systems, and programs to bring needed change. Areas of expertise include public charter schools, grant writing, nonprofit management and Board development, start-ups and business planning, leadership capacity building, messaging and marketing, negotiation, curriculum development, gifted education pedagogy, systems thinking, strategic planning, restorative practices and peace-making, and continuous improvement.

I partner with Visibility Point to offer my consulting clients customized digital marketing with local, organic SEO services (search engine optimization), pay-per-click advertising, web design, reputation management (for businesses subject to reviews), and high quality video production services.  Learn how to be one of the first links on the search engine results page for your industry and work with us to drive improved results through value-based marketing and partnership for content generation.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your marketing goals and learn how to create digital assets in your content online.  We'll talk about your needs and goals and analyze your current site (if you have one), and you'll learn how to find a resonant message and strategy for attracting new clients.

My expertise in gifted education strategies can enhance educational products and curriculum, resulting in more meaningful learning experiences for students. I enjoy collaborating on projects for publishers, learning companies, schools or districts, and educational technology firms. In order for learning to be stored in long-term memory, it must both make sense and have personal meaning for the learner.  With my perspective added to your curriculum development project, we can help the content reach the student not only in the head, but also in the heart, ensuring durable learning.

Of particular interest to me lately is working with educators who are interested in advancing the cause of what I call, "Teaching for Thinking and Transformation." Too often, educators are focused only on imparting content knowledge and developing skills, ignoring the opportunity to develop critical and creative thinking skills through the content engagement, and forgetting that the best teachers don't just cover information, but also ignite a love of learning within their students.

There are many tools to help teachers teach for thinking and for this inner transformation. You're invited to take a look at another website I manage,, where I blog and share resources to help educators teach in a manner that develops cognitive skill (students' thinking), as well as co-cognitive assets (their motivation, mindsets, and dispositions that support learning).  When students possess both, they become truth-seekers and life-long learners.  With some shifts in the way we develop curriculum and plan for instruction, we can make this happen more often!

I train teachers to understand the principles of gifted education so they become thoughtful curriculum designers, capable of adapting lesson and unit plans to foster deeper and more complex thinking in their students.

I also work with leaders in education to develop executives’ strategic and systems-design thinking, messaging and negotiation skill, and capacity to initiate and manage change.

My services support executives to achieve their business development goals.  As an adept curriculum developer and facilitator, I am able to customize and deliver professional trainings for your staff per your specific goals for improvement!

I am passionate about helping teachers integrate gifted education methods in their classrooms and developing educators' understanding of the power of these tools to uplift students.  This passion comes from knowing that by affecting the teaching practice in this manner, my work will help young people begin to imagine and dream beyond the borders of the conditions into which they were born, and from my awareness that in the end, education is the solution for nearly every problem that ails us.  If we can improve how we educate, we will dramatically change the world. 

I am eager to share my vision of a talent-development approach to education and advocate for the value of a diverse educational ecosystem through speaking engagements and at professional conferences. My goal is that my work will produce a measurable difference in our systems of formal education in the United States and the world. I will raise my voice, establish friendships, coordinate with partners, and develop compelling messages over my career to produce change and move systems toward more equity, excellence, and inclusion through talent-development and asset-based thinking.

My background as a public charter school and nonprofit founder makes me a systems thinker, resource manager, and change-maker by nature. My background as a teacher makes me a nurturer.  

And because I am a mother, I understand "the fierce urgency of now."

I understand the complexity of public benefit agencies, educational institutions, and charities, and the important work they do. I am eager to lend my hand in efforts that bring healing and restoration to our communities and to our planet.  I enjoy working with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and innovative private businesses to assist with system design, strategy, or improvement toward responsible, sustainable, and regenerative outcomes. My empathy, critical thinking, and deep listening skills make me an excellent thought partner to create new products and programs that drive change.

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